Amazing Carved Gourd Lampshade Calabash Lights

Unique And Authentic Calabash Lights In Turkey we make gourd truly handmade lampshades which we work with...
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Amazing Carved Gourd Lampshade Calabash Lights


Amazing Carved Gourd Lampshade Calabash Lights


Unique And Authentic Calabash Lights

In Turkey we make gourd truly handmade lampshades which we work with farmers who water the calabash and feed them with goat based fertilizers.  The gourd is much influenced in its quality by the soil and the climate in which it was grown. That’s why we get thick and strong calabash which means they have high quality.

An organic calabash, the skin is somewhat translucent when lit from within, so white wood pieces are in layed to create both decorative design, and opacity. Each lamp is  handcrafted, beginning with  sketches, outlining and charting the pattern, through the gourd processing, like cleaning, engraving, carving, perforating, painting and protecting, creating the base of the lamp and, at the end, montage of the whole lamp.

To design a good lampshade it takes time. Lighting can change so many things in everyone's life when the night get darker.Do not underestimate the magic of shadows. The average calabash used for designing  is usually 10-12 inches tall and 9-10 inches wide. Each calabash is unique by creation  So you will have the unique item when you buy it.

Amazing Carved Gourd Lampshade

Amazing Carved Gourd Lampshade is not a gourd lamp but unique gourd art.Those best handmade gourd lamps are made by our artisan. % 100 Hand carved gourds. Our artisan hand-perforated holes, pattern and lines into the gourd’s dried skin .It takes 20 days to prepare

We give the organic gourd lamp patterns which we always try to make fresh, modern and exotic and handmade unique gourd art. These unique gourd lamps are the best handmade gourd lamps for your room with its magical shadows. It is also beautiful when it is off.

Gourd Art

Its height is around 19.6, diameter is 25.5 inches. Light pattern has around 1000 holes and around many engravings, the stand is organic piece of wood, green beads affixed at the basement and dyes are acrylic,acrylic wood stain.This is a very unique gourd lamps, and will definitely become a conversation starter at your home.  When it is off, the lamps appear gorgeous sculptural pieces, in organic browns, whites and rusty reds. When it is on, the magic begins   Gourd lighting fixtures are amazing, stunning and showing another way to use these vegetables for beautiful home decorating ideas

Please keep in mind

Unique gourd art that each calabash is unique shaped by creation. We promise you same gourd lamp patterns, same dimensions but we can't promise exactly the same calabash that you see in product visuals. It is truly handmade, hand carved and unique item and best gift. We provide a base with on/off switch. Depending on where you live, you may need an adapter to obtain electricity from your wall. Depending on the strength of the light bulb you use, the reflection is going to be different. You should use only LED light of 60 WT or less because it doesn't generate much heat, which is very essential for the gourd and your safety, and it's also very economical. We box them with a great protection. Gourds are fragile, So you should treat them as you would treat glass objects.

For more information please read our shipping and refund return policy. Enjoy your unique gourd art lamp!

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