Damascus Steel Swords Hand Forged

Damascus Sword Damascus Steel Swords Hand Forged Hand Forged 125 Times Damascus - Usually he is kept...
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Damascus Steel Swords Hand Forged

Damascus Steel Swords Hand Forged


Damascus Steel Swords Hand Forged


Damascus Sword

Damascus Steel Swords Hand Forged

Hand Forged 125 Times

Damascus - Usually he is kept as private information together with the 15x20 and 1095 Carbon Steel.
At the same time, the opposite colors of the two different steel by using the acidification process provides a visual feast according to our tattoo shape.

Damascus Steel Swords

Length: 80 CM (35.4'')

Handle : Ram Horn (Bone)

Material : Damascus Steel

15n 20 and 1095 carbon steel design by hand forging.

Weight ; 1000- 1500 g

Brass material between blade and the handle.

Carefully and beautifully designed and durable.

The process continues roast in over 1000 degrees , cools in 500-600 degrees  in temper for its hardness. It guarantees homogeneous hardness and brightness.

It comes with its gift box to keep your sword safe and stands to exhibit it because it is very sharp.

The dimensions of the box : 101 x 21 cm or (30.7'' x 8.2'')

Do not forget to use oil for care after you use.

If you ask for customized swords, contact us.We have personal details options. You can contact us after your purchase. Eyes are more important than ears for believing.

All collectible swords for sale are original copies and handmade swords.

Damascus Steel Sword

A sword production technique that fascinates people with their patterns in particular has both challenged the time and revealed the point where today's technology comes from. The results of the fusion of layered steel integration with high fever reveal the fact that the top-quality steel is the last process. With its sharp, rugged and pointed tip, the enclosed structure is a good solution with good quality steel integrity and rigid structure. The Damascus sword, which has maintained its standard and has maintained its capability, has continued to demonstrate the most productive result of its performance and skill. With the choices you make for your home or for yourself, it is possible to evaluate and review the high standard quality here under the best conditions. Along with the highly reliable and distinctive sword models, evaluating the different variation options here has continued to create a really good solution for everyone.

Handy And Decorative Damascus Sword

Damascus steel, which shows a perfect image in both practical and decorative terms, has made sword models much more interesting. In addition to its highly original and robust construction, you have a great product that you can never leave when you choose. This sword, which has been advantageous to the soldiers in the battlefields with its useful and solid structure, will continue to be an incredible opportunity and preference for you with its full original structure and its enormous appearance. Together with the products of Denizli Yatağan culture, which has become compatible with today's standards, the best results of the choices here have manifested itself. Thus it has been possible to review these advantages without any concern about product quality and product standards.

Damascus Sword Features

The 80 cm length shows a standard size from the handle to the end. Together with the ram's horn and bone stalk support, an integrated integrity has emerged. The original brass material has created an enormous form of baldness in a patterned manner. The sword characteristics ranging from 1000 to 1500 grams, with the Damascus method, have revealed the production capability with the highest performance. We can say that this choice has a very special place in the product models that have been adapted to the present and ensured the survival of the past culture.

Damascus Sword Special Offers

With the investment in product quality as well as the results of product performance, it is possible to review the really high-level quality. The shopping you do here is important to achieve a decorative and healthy product choice. With a coffee table and box privilege to support a decorative image, the products reach you at affordable prices. You can make a good choice for yourself and your loved ones with advantageous prices and quality product models.

Yataghan Swords

Yataghan is famous for its swords and it has a long story.In old times  handmade Swords were just the weapons before. Today collectors use them to decorate their Office or home. For the people who are interested in history every sword has historical recordings. You can read the stories in our blog posts in time. These handmade swords are unique. They are special and valuable  and such an unusual gifts. The real medieval sword  mostly has religious content, such as verse or words of the sword’s owner on them. They are all hand made and engraved with traditional techniques that’s why they are strong heavy sharp and durable. The material and the processing makes the yataghan sword unique, sharp and famous all over the world

In many countries swords are in weapon category. Due to shipping policies of the countries you should better learn your country's shipping rules.

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