Dolphins Cigarette Holder

Lucite-acrylic Stem APPROX Length :12 cm/ 4.9” Height : 4 cm/1,7” Dolphins Cigarette Holder It is Dolphins...
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Dolphins Cigarette Holder


Dolphins Cigarette Holder


Lucite-acrylic Stem

APPROX Length :12 cm/ 4.9”

Height : 4 cm/1,7”

Dolphins Cigarette Holder

It is Dolphins Cigarette Holder. We have the collection of best cigarette holders. Dolphins Cigarette Holder is a first quality Meerschaum cigarette holder. All  of our cool cigarette holders are hand-carved.  They are hand-carved out of highest quality genuine block meerschaum and brand new. That’s why they are always extra white, extra light and extra shinny cool cigarette holders.

Best Cigarette Holders

Best cigarette holders have some benefits. This cigarette holder enhances smoking experiences,it keeps your tobacco burning from the heat and  absorb moisture of tobacco because of meerschaum. So it makes your cigar holders yellow to brown day by day. We give importance coloring due to you get best cigarette holders and keep them for years. Best cigarette holders are the natural filter for nicotine because of its material and absorbs the nicotine then changes its color from yellow to amber to brown

No synthetic painting on it. We naturally dipped in to the hot bee’s wax . It comes with a fitted case. All of our best cigarette holders belong to our artisan Mr. Zafer Aktas. We specially thank to our artisan Zafer for making this rare and beautiful Dolphins Cigarette Holder of art collection for our company. Best cigarette holders we guarantee.

High Quality Cigar Holders

The highest quality stone is  only in one place in the world; in Eskisehir, Turkey. Best cigar holders are made in Eskisehir  Nowadays the meerschaum reserves are rapidly decreased and it is hard to find high quality block of meerschaum.. The process of getting those blocks are really difficult and dangerous. Getting them is not easy to have cool cigarette holders

It is mined 30 to 450 feet below the surface of the earth, No machine is used except hand tools to drill even in bad weather conditions. Meerschaum is light weight and soft and chalk-like Those valuable meerschaum cigar holders are mined traditionally with hand tools also hand carved uniquely by Turkish artisans. The stone is soft at the beginning like a sponge. It gets stronger after it dries. Shaping and carving is done when it is soft After drying process the polishing technique by the artisan uses is also unique just like the art work.

Cool Cigarette Holders

For collectors it is the best idea to leave their cool cigarette holders from generations to generations as an antique memory.

Meerschaum Pipes Care 

Always remove a stem from your best meerschaum pipes by twisting  It gently clockwise while supporting the shank with your fingers. At the end of each smoke, you should clean your hand carved smoking pipes carefully. Dump out the ash and dottle, and run a bristle pipe cleaner around the inside of the bowl to remove any possible cake build-up. Unlike a briar pipe, understand, a meerschaum requires no cake. And in some instances a cake can in fact be detrimental to a meerschaum, either slowing the coloring process, or, with too much build-up, causing the pipe to crack.

To care of your best tobacco pipes are easy if you do it right. Clean out the stem by pushing a bristle pipe cleaner down through it once. Then back out, and either turn the pipe cleaner around or use another. Repeating this process until the pipe cleaners come out clean. Moisten a another pipe cleaner with saliva and rub the mouthpiece with it to remove any buildup there. Blow gently through the stem of the pipe to dislodge any loose, leftover ash, and wipe your pipe down with a soft, dry cloth.

Place the pipe back on its rack or stand and allow it to cool.


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