Fatih's Machete

Fatih's Machete Fatih's Machete is a real medieval sword type. It is one of collectible sword. Length:...
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Fatih's Machete

Fatih's Machete


Fatih's Machete


Fatih's Machete

Fatih's Machete is a real medieval sword type. It is one of collectible sword.

Length: 40 CM (15.7'')

Handle : Walnut tree

Material : 430 (A chromium content of 16 % gives better corrosion resistance and the grade is used in wide range of applications,)  stainless steel hand hammered with its liquid.

Thickness ; 4 mm and durable

Brass material between blade and the handle.

Weight : 1000- 1500 g

On the surface there is Ottoman Seal + First pray of Fetih (conqıest) + basmala

It comes with its gift box to keep your sword safe and stands to exhibit because it is very sharp.

The dimensions of the box : 50 x 8 cm or (19.6'' x 3.1'')

If you ask for customized swords, contact us.

Swords For Sale

All swords for sale are original copies and handmade swords. Fatih's Machete has high quality stainless steel blade. Those handmade swords are handcrafted to original versions by professional having experience of over a decade.

During the centuries The Great Seljuqs and Ottoman Empire had used those handmade swords in the battles. Many of those swords have blood groove on. Fatih's Machete has unique balance that you will feel at first sight. Then You can see the high quality blade. All of our handcrafted swords for sale are 2 year guaranteed and have life time caring service  in case they need care.

Yataghan Swords

Yataghan is famous for its swords and it has a long story.In old times  handmade Swords were just the weapons before. Today collectors use them to decorate their Office or home. For the people who are interested in history every sword has historical recordings. You can read the stories in our blog posts in time. These handmade swords are unique. They are special and valuable  and such an unusual gifts. The real medieval sword  mostly has religious content, such as verse or words of the sword’s owner on them. They are all hand made and engraved with traditional techniques that’s why they are strong heavy sharp and durable. The material and the processing makes the yataghan sword unique, sharp and famous all over the world

In many countries swords are in weapon category. Due to shipping policies of the countries we solved this problem selling decorative swords.. You should better learn your country's shipping rules.


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