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Hand Hammered Copper Pot For 6

Large Turkish Coffee Maker Hammered Copper Pot – It was hand hammered by the cooper artisans. –...
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Buy Turkish Copper Pot

Hand Hammered Copper Pot For 6


Hand Hammered Copper Pot For 6


Large Turkish Coffee Maker Hammered Copper Pot

– It was hand hammered by the cooper artisans.

– It is big size.

– Cooper heats up faster and good conductor of heat.

-It is old style grey cooper pot

-Due to nature of handmade products there may be some differences with patterns.

After your order it will be hammered for you and it is available for long term use.

ENJOY PREMIUM QUALITY. Handcrafted into an elegant hammered design. %100 high quality  Copper. Hand Hammered Copper Pot For 6 is  Hand hammered.  You can use as milk pots or a one of a kind decorative item. This  pot can be a very unique gift! This beautiful handmade piece of art would make the perfect gift for any occasion. You can use safely.

Turkish red copper pan oturk cookware copper turkey store online answering the questions of where can i buy a Turkish coffee ibrik pot briki online.It is completely handmade and hand hammered soy Turkish pot. For Turkish coffee presentation with Turkish coffee set you need coffee maker.This vintage antique old Turkish copper coffee saucepan pots items are for sale and special handmade Turkish copperware.  Tin lined. Hand Hammered Copper Pot For 6 is made of solid copper. It has excellent heat conductivity and heats up the coffee evenly and rapidly.  ou can buy copper items like copper saucepans,antique copper pots,turkey copper square pan for sale easily in this website.

Skilled artisans use hand-hammered  methods for making excellent copper pots. You should use hand wash only. Don't use in dishwasher. UNIQUE COPPER KITCHEN GADGETS. Surprise someone . Get Handmade Turkish coffee Copper Pot large.. It is soy copper turkey pots cooking pan mug for sale.

Turkish coffee description with Turkish copper pot

  • You need water, ibrik or Turkish coffee boiler,copper, Turk copper pot coffee mugs ,sugar(optional) and Turkish coffee.
  • Use cold water not warm or hot. Measure the water with the cups you want to drink.for each cups add water to Turkish coffee maker hammered.
  • You need to use Turkish coffee and prefer to ground one. You can buy Turkish coffee online and you will also get your handmade Turkish coffee pot with Turkish coffee gift.
  • For each cup add two full tea spoon of coffee.
  • Then heat the Turkish cezve or ibrik. It will boil easily and you will see the brown foam on the surface. We usually take it and share the Turkish coffee jugs equally .When it starts to boil you can pour into Turkish coffee mugs and serve it with Turkish delight or some confectionery.

Important! Copper may be  poisonous if you don't have chance to  find a tinner regularly. Applying the tin is an art. The molten tin is poured into the copper vessel, then swirled and brushed around in only two or three seconds before it cools to form a thin but complete coat. Please tin it regularly.

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