Metallic Flowers Sandals

100% Handmade leather sandals Toe thong sandals 2,5 cm (0.98’’) strong leather sole or comfortable rubber sole...
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Sandals Size: 35
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Metallic Flowers Sandals


Metallic Flowers Sandals

Sandals Size: 35
  • 100% Handmade leather sandals
  • Toe thong sandals
  • 2,5 cm (0.98’’) strong leather sole or comfortable rubber sole
  • %100 Genuine Vachetta Leather
  • Soft. flexible
  • Comfortable womens Sandals
  • Colorful beads and ornaments detail
  • Metallic buckle
  • Brown
  • Flat heel
Turkish Leather

Key figures of Turkish Leather sandals are heritage, artisan ship, qualified labor force, physical & technical infrastructure, flexible & high-quality production,immediate adaptation, customer oriented attitude, diversity and fast fashion.

Turkey has the biggest production capacity of double face sheepskin leather in the world with 80 million pcs./year.  For the sheep/goat leather production, Turkey is the second biggest producer in Europe, after Italy and the 7th biggest producer in the world.

Turkey is one of the leading countries of the leather and leather products in both production and export. With its high export performance, Turkish leather industry has taken an important role of the world leather trade. Not only with its production and export but also with its quality and unique style, Turkish leather processing industry is accepted as one of the leading industries in the world.


Metallic Flowers Sandals

Metallic Flowers Sandals are fashionable leather sandals and handmade leather shoes which is also known Greek  Sandals. Those best sandals models are best leather sandals for summer.

Metallic Flowers Sandals are % 100 handmade leather shoes, brown,  metallic flowers detailed leather ankle buckle sandals. Flat heel. All of the Sandals are all handcrafted in our workshop.

We use the genuine leather. Metallic Flowers Sandals are Very comfortable. All parts are  pure leather; upper and sole. Measurements are based on the length of the inner soles of the sandals !!! To find your perfect fit, check out our size chart. Eg.  If your  foot measures 25.4 cm // 10'' from heel to toe then you would select a size EURO # 40 (26 cm // 10.2'' ). PS;  Every fashionable leather sandals are preparing just for you after your purchase.That means it will take 3 days before shipping. Eyes will catch your fashionable sandals. They will be your best  leather sandals

Due to the Nature of Handmade leather shoes there can be slightly difference of the handmade figures and colors from the picture. But You will get the exactly the same model and color. It will be hard to see the difference.

Bodrum Sandals

The truth is we call them Bodrum sandals. Bodrum and Greek islands are very close to each other. Cultural communications helps the develop cultures and we can see the effects on the products those cultures.

Handmade leather shoes we made are fashionable leather sandals which means that they are best options and healthy for your feet and we always provide you best sandals models.

The secret to the success of Bodrum Sandals  is  always looking for best sandals models, new and exciting designs which are. processed by traditional Turkish methods using original genuine leather. Best sandals are handmade leather shoes.We make those handmade Bodrum sandals in our workshop with our high quality processes and fashionable styles. Our first target is customer happiness.
Bodrum Sandals are durable, flexible and comfortable and will keep your feet cooler and dryer all day. Bodrum natural leather makes for healthy feet allowing  your skin to breathe naturally and for perspiration to dissipate

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